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Çalış - Fethiye - Muğla - Türkiye


     Hidden City (Saklikent)

     Canyon is the second-largest (20 km-long) canyon in Europe, the longest and deepest one in Turkey. Saklikent Canyon is so steep and narrow that the sun cannot not penetrate the water which makes it very cold even in summer. Saklikent is 48 kilometers away from Fethiye. You can also reach Saklikent from Kas which is 55 kilometers away. Saklikent is a magnificent place, with sculpted walls rising high above. 4 km. of the Saklikent is walkable after spring when most of the snow from the Taurus Mountains and the water coming from underground has melted and passed through the canyon towards the Xanthos River. Summer is the best time to visit Saklikent because of the deliciously cool water and the splendid view of the walls.

A total of 15 caves have been found in the walls of Saklikent Canyon. It is found that these caves were used as shelter in ancient times. There is a 720 metres difference in height between the entrance and the exit of Saklikent. While walking through Saklikent you generally have to go into the cold water sometimes 2 meters high. On the way you can take a quick shower under small waterfalls. But it is impossible to reach to the end of the canyon due to the natural conditions. At the trials up to today, technical teams could reach to the end of the Canyon by the help of security belts. There is also a 200 meters long wooden path built for walking.

Don't forget to visit the cosy small restaurants built on wooden platforms in the Saklikent Canyon. You can get a nice menu for a resonable price and enjoy the relaxing sound of the water in Saklikent Canyon.